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Dog walking & boarding in the Hague
About Me


My name is Natalia, and I believe life is just better with dogs. I have taken care of dogs my entire life both and decided to start my profesional dog care services after I moved to The Hague with my own Dachshund (Teckel). My mission is to provide expats and dog owners the support they may be missing... after all it takes a village!



The Special Care I provide 

I am an extremely responsible and respectable towards feeding schedules, training, and potty breaks/exercise guidelines. I have taken care of many dogs with special needs and I am very sensitive to how I would want someone to take care of my dog so I expect the same of me when it comes to your special one. 

I am very aware of pet behaviour. I am careful not to put your dog in a certain situation they are not comfortable with. I can pick up on many cues when your dog is nervous, hostile, or uncomfortable and do my best to help them feel most comfortable both with me and my dog. I also regularly reinforce with dog treats.

My apartment is located in the Haagse Bos, a forest in Den Haag that I love to walk in every day, multiple times a day. It gives me the opportunity to take your dog out and even off leash if given permission.

“Our miniature dachshund (who is like a child to us) had a wonderful time with Natalia over a long weekend. He came back to us happy and tired! She sent loads of updates and videos, and was patient with him as he adjusted to a new environment. We are happy we can rely on Natalia to care for him! Will definitely book again."

Jill B. 

Book a Walk


How it works
(first-time boarding Clients)

Step 1 / Meet & greet

Meet and Greet with you and your pup for a walk with me and my pup to discuss compatibility and introduce dogs. 

Step 2 / Book a trial boarding night

Book a one-night  (45eur) boarding where I can assess your dog's compatabilty with me and my house rules. Notice: I do not take any dogs that bark when left alone or have any type of separation anxiety. 

Step 3 / Book future stays

If all goes well, we can book the future dates for your dog's boarding needs and you can travel with peace of mind. 

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